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Reading and Mental Health

A recent edition of Front Row on Radio 4 highlighted the potential benefit of reading as a resource in dealing with mental distress.

The presenter and several contributors talked about how particular books provided some protection and relief from the anxiety and mental disturbance they were experiencing in a period of their lives. The novels of P G Wodehouse and Agatha Christie were mentioned , also War and Peace and the Odyssey. The familiarity of the worlds these books conjured up and sense of order within them were part of their appeal. For some, knowing that there were other books in the same vein meant the safe space created could be returned to many times.

A psychiatrist who suggests reading to his patients stated that it was not about recommending particular books but for each person to find out what worked for them.

This illustrates the benefit of cultivating and being aware of resources in one's life. Activities, places, people, memories that one can find solace and comfort in. Resources which one can turn to when the challenges of living seem to be getting too much.

Click here for the Front Row podcast for October 10th.

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