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Core Process Psychotherapy

I am a Core Process Psychotherapist. This is an approach that draws on mindfulness practice and Buddhist perspectives as well as western psychotherapy.

Mindfulness can support the intention to explore oneself more deeply, below the level of thoughts and judgements.

This exploration and enquiry includes our whole being not just our thoughts, but also feelings, physical sensations and our physical embodiment.

The relational experience of being with the therapist can also be a fruitful area of enquiry as the therapy progresses.

Over time we become more aware of how past conditioning shapes our current choices and behaviours. New possible ways of being emerge.

If one can trust this process of inquiry, then a journey begins which can lead to greater self-understanding, healing and freedom.

My aim is to support and encourage a client in their own exploration, recognising that suffering and difficulty are part of human experience, but so is the potential for joy and peace of mind.

I work flexibly and sensitively with each client. I aim to be a supportive presence and witness in the client’s journey.

For more information about Core Process Psychotherapy, click here for the link to the Karuna Institute.

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